In the Garden of the Gods, 

you see amazing things.

Colors grow intensely,  

 there’s a buzzing that they bring.

Good Times  vibrate velvet bass. 

Nostalgia grasslands grow.

Moments made of spider’s lace

scintillate in rows.

Paradise  resides in the labyrinth of mind.

Look intently, deal directly,

most of all be kind.

Wind Waltzing  solo circles, 

spiral turns take sonic flight,

Stellar Nocturne  serenades, 

below stars blazed blinding bright.

Upside down and unafraid, 

my hair hung plumed plaster white.

Twirling out of time, 

I crashed cambre on clay feet.

Descended through the dark, 

until I breached the deep.

The air was liquid honey; 

crops grew winter wheat,

Divine  surprised tenderly

 with sweet tear tea inside the keep.

Serving me she smiled, 

spoke from both sides of her mouth,

“Handles Joy Bliss

we’re here to show you out.

Do not feed on random seed,

Trade for tolls throughout the south.

Try not to trip on corners

 and don’t get turned about.”

Mother spends her days

sowing beauty where its been worn.

    Abundance giving grace gives way,

 for creation myths to form.

Tossing me a painted pear, 

she winked, “apples can transform.”

Chirped cooing in my cloth ear, 

“Enjoy the GHOST STROKE storms,

Echoes  sing lead in outer space.

Shadows strum syncopated Birdsong.

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