"Wildflower" 48x58 will be shown with the Robert Fontaine Gallery  at  Art Palm Beach + Contemporary booth 633 January 24-28th. This beauty hangs vertical or horizontal.  New artworks are available at Alpha Gallery 450 Harrison Ave suite 55, Boston, MA  located in the SoWa Art + Design District.  BIG NEWS! I have been asked to be on the Christie's Contemporary Art Tours at Art Basel Miami Beach 2024. 

Kathy Kissik incorporates her own photography with found  objects, collage and other materials to create works that challenge traditional  notions of perception.  Her works are  dreamscapes, whether evoking romance in the form of abundant blankets of  flowers or desire in the form of imaginary “factories” where Intangible (and  sometimes elusive) notions of love, hope and peace can be made true.

Following on Kissik’s career-long interest in architecture and industry, her recent “factory” works play with the idea that anything can  be manufactured, or mass-produced, including our deepest desires.  In a similar spirit to Charles Sheeler (1883-1965) she uses her own photography as the basis for conceptualizing these  castles of industry.  Kissik refers to  these factories and “secular fetishes,” drawing into question what it is we  truly worship in our industrialized world.

Recently, Kissik has begun to investigate floral themes,  stemming  from her new found interest in still lifes and finding solace in natureOf these works  Kissik states “There are no shortcuts here. Time is the major ingredient. The  photographic images are computer manipulated, printed, photocopied, made into  translucent gel transfers, layered, painted, cut, varnished, and sanded. The  surfaces of the canvas are skins, scarred and marked through the transfer of  energy and emotions. They all have souls.” Kissik does not shy away from sentimentality  or expressions of romantic longing.  Rather,  she embraces the joy and complexity of the pursuit.

Kathy Kissik received her BFA and Fifth Year Diploma from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University.  Her work has been exhibited throughout  the  U.S., Canada and Europe, and is included in numerous collections including the  Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Wellington Management, the Federal Reserve Bank of  Boston and Progressive Corporation. Recent residencies include the Arcadia Artist Residency, Scottsdale, AZ ;the Banff Art Centre, Canada and the Slade School of Fine Art, London.  She has received numerous grants including  from the Stephen King Foundation and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation.

Kissik has been represented by Alpha Gallery since 1993 and Robert Fontaine Gallery since 2012.

Garden of the Gods  50x46

hummingbirds = spirit worlds messengers

Big Dream Factory 16x16x4  

 everybody needs a dream

Special thanks to Erin E. Rand for her article in American Art Collector magazine about my upcoming show. Available online and in bookstores.             https://www.americanartcollector.com/issues/215/feelings-factories

American Art Collector article Feeings Factories by Erin E.Rand

Cloud Club II

This is one of the last in the series and on offer directly. DM me for details. Created from medium format analogue negatives shot pre 9/11 from a Robinson helicopter sans doors. 

featuring 24k water gilded  NYC streets. The Cloud Club in the Chrysler building was at one time the highest lunch club in the world. I made few variations due to the time consuming process. 

Jerry Saltz in front of RED FUJI *collection James Fleck


artwork #4 of 36 to be completed as a homage to Hokusai

 The Robert Fontaine Gallery  Miami Beach

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