“For nothing is pleasing to God except the invention of beautiful and exalted things.” William Blake

What will I cultivate as a  gardener in the afterlife?  

Elements of Baroque, Pop, and Renaissance splendor combine to form supersensory floral compositions. Possessing a familiar feel in their classical nature with futuristic overtones supported by otherworldly proportion and hues. Shifting patterns on translucent films build perspective and create fluid compostions. These pieces are windows. Here is a return to the basics of color and form; gone is innuendo and agenda. 

The works are painting, photography, technologically based, and have a sculptural feel in stature and design. The framework is constructed from multiples of the original images. The artworks harken to David Hockney’s collage work, Mark Bradford’s paintings in terms of layering and revealing, and influences of Monet, but with a tech bent. Warhol's pop overtones peek through.

They artworks are  nontoxic and can be adapted to fit many different architectural settings such as ceiling panels, space dividers, as well as traditional framed paintings. The addition of 20 plus layers of materials and  mediums gives shape to forms balanced with color. The scale of the artwork fills the viewer’s visual field, thus providing a grounding effect and visual respite from daily life. 

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