“Mother spends her days sowing beauty where it’s been worn"  - Beauty Ballad 

Mother is a triptych in the tradition of altars. She is a tribute to abundance and the essence of time revealing beauty. The  title is a nod to the concept of a universal Mother. The composition is based on the infinity symbol.  A figure 8 movement guides the viewers eyes throughout the expanse . The artwork can be displayed in various configurations. The piece feels both ancient and futuristic with other worldly pink poppies juxtaposed against traditional still life.                                              

IN         H: 46              W: 118         

CM      H: 118              W: 300        

Poppy panel

IN          H: 46               W: 46               

CM       H: 117               W: 117          

Abundance   (center panel)                                  

IN          H: 46              W: 26             

CM        H: 117              W: 66             

Hydrangea panel                                                

IN            H: 46            W: 46               

CM         H: 117            W: 117            

Oil, acrylic paint, masonite, ink, new media, gel medium, varnish on linen 2020

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