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“Impact”, GSpace, Santa Barbara, CA 2016

“Process”,Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto, 3/2012, 2013,2015,

“Immanent”,Center of Contemporary Art, Seattle, 2013

“Qualia”, AlphaGallery, Boston 2/2012

“K.Kissik The ElaineFleck Gallery. Toronto, 2008, -11

“K.Kissik” Art Basel,South Florida Arts Center, Miami, 2010

“K. Kissik” ArtBasel, The Governor Hotel, Miami, 2009

“K. Kissik: New Work, Contact” The Elaine FleckGallery, Toronto, 2006/07

“The Grail”, SuzanneDeWitt Gallery, Naples, Fl., 2005

“K.Kissik” T.F Greene Airport,Providence, RI. 2004 Underwritten by RISCA

Kathy Kissik, AlphaGallery, Boston, 2003

"Taken by theSky" Cathedral Gallery, Belfast, N. Ireland, 2002

"Taken by theSky", Oscar Wilde House, Dublin, Ireland, 2002

"Taken by theSky", Blackfort Organic Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, 2001

“The Least PossibleWords", Philharmonic Center for the Arts, Naples, Fl., 1999

Underwritten by StateStreet Global Advisors

“ Kathy Kissik”,Alpha Gallery, Boston, 1996

“Kathy Kissik: New Work”,Alpha Gallery, Boston, 1994

“Kathy Kissik: New Work”, Alpha Gallery, Boston.1993

“Build, AS 220Galleries, Providence, RI, 1991


The University of New South Wales, Sydney,Australia, Exploring Etching,

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston,MA, Fifth Year Certificate

Tufts University & School of the Museumof Fine Arts, B.F.A. & Diploma in Art, cum laude

Chamberlayne Junior College, Boston, MA, A.A.S. cum laude inDesign, magna cum laude


LondonSummer Intensive Residency , The Slade School of Fine Art, London,2017

         Morris Squire FoundationResidency, Santa Barbara,201

  PaulFleck Fellowship, Banff Art Centre Residency, Canada, 2016

  Haven Foundation Assistance Grant, Stephen King, 2015

Gottlieb Foundation, Emergency Assistance, NY,NY 201

 Artist Fellowship Inc., NY,NY  2015

ChangeInc., Captiva, Florida, 2

 CillRialaig Residency, County Kerry, Ireland, 2014

Art Center South Florida Senior Residency awarded 2011-2014

 Paul FleckFellowship, Holy Springs Collective, Banff, CA 2010

  Artist Enhancement Grant,Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, 2008

Pollock-KrasnerFellowship, NY, NY, 2007-2008

Artist Access Grant, Florida Division of CulturalAffairs, 2007

Paul FleckFellowship, Banff Art Centre Residency, Canada, 2006Artist in Residence,South Florida Arts Center, 2005-2011

Pollock-KrasnerFoundation Grant, NY, NY 2002

Juror'sChoice, "Members Show" Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, MA 2001

Juror'sChoice, "Small Works" Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, MA 2001

Fellowship, Rhode Island Council on the Arts, 1999

ArtistProject Grant, Rhode Island State Council for the Arts, 1995

“Sea Grant” University of RI, 1994

  Fellowship,Rhode Island State Council for the Arts, 1993

Ludwig Vogelstein Fellowship, NY, NY, 1993

FifthYear Traveling Scholarship, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, 1992

Designchosen to represent Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, for Holiday greeting cards

BoitCompetition, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, 1st Place, 199


“Festival ofUnadjusted Art”, Munich, 2014-15

 “Scope”Art Basel Miami, Robert Fontaine Gallery, 2013-15,16

   “ArtMiami,” Art Basel, Alpha Gallery

“WhiteNight”, Berlin, 8/2016

    “9”Robert Fontaine Gallery, Miami, 2012

“In Art WeTrust” Design District, Miami, 2011

“Art Basel”, South Florida Arts Center, Miami, 2

  “TorontoInternational Art Fair,” Canada, 2011

“PinkBastard”, Wynwood, Miami, 2011

“Urban Explorations”, Newton art Center, Newton, MA, 2011

“Trash Art” K.Kissik& A.F. Adler, SFAC, Miami, 2010

“Lotus House Fundraiser”, Marquiles Art Warehouse,Miami, 2010

“Winter Party Festival”, Dot Fifty-One, Miami, 2010

“One Night Stand” The Other Gallery, Banff Centre, CA2010

       “Artwith Heart Fundraiser” for Casey House/ Waterhouse Sotheby’s, Toronto, 2

Bridge Art Fair, Miami,2009

   “Paraphernalia”curated by Bernice Steinbaum, The Bakehouse, Miami, 2009

   “Form andFunction” Art Basel, The Bakehouse, Miami, 2008

“Basel on the Beach”, 1500 Ocean Drive, Miami, 2007

“The Sky is Yellow”, Art Center/South Florida, Miami, 2007

Architecture” Tufts University, Medford, MA 2007

   “GalleryShow”, Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto, CA 2007

“Bridge Art/Art Basel” Alpha Gallery, Miami, 2006       

 “Complement”Art Center/South Florida, Miami,  2005/06  

 “Erect” DesignDistrict/ Art Basel, Miami, , 2005

“Trinity Inspires” Trinity Church, , MA, 2005

“Meter” The Ruth Shack Gallery, Miami, 2005

“Belfast May Festival”, Cathedral Gallery, Belfast, N.Ireland, 2002

       "Postcardsto N.Y.", Macy Gallery, Columbia University NY, NY, 2001  “Juried Exhibition”, juror Ivan Karp,Pleiades Gallery, NY, NY

"Small Works” Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, MA,2001

“Sarah's Circle Benefit" The Swedish AmericanMuseum Center, Chicago 2001

Middle East Benefit Auction "Brian Wright",Boston, 2001

      “The ArtShow”, Sponsored by Art Dealer’s Association of America, NY, NY 1993/2008

“Fire and Ice”, Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, MA,1998,99,00,01

“Benefit Auction”, Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, MA,1998, 99, 00, 01

“Gallery Artist”, Alpha Gallery, Boston, 1993 - 2008

“Art Cetria Aids Auction”, Boston Center for the Arts,Boston, 1998-20001

“Art Cetria Preview”, Institute of Contemporary Art,Boston 1998-2001

    NewYork Armory Show, NY, NY 194-2012

“Art Chicago”, Chicago, IL 1993 - 2012

"Windows", Dana M McCutcheon Gallery,Berkeley, CA, 2000


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Joseph Mimram, Toronto, CA

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The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

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   I am an artist who has made my living through my art since finishing school in 1992. I have resided in Miami Beach since2005.

  Artists are visual historians. My artwork reflects the moods, issues, and tribulations mankind experiences within a given generation. We are antennae: absorbing our environment, ruminating on events that impact us, and expressingthe energy resulting. I try to see as much as I can of this world and am stimulated through journeys. Every place reveals a myriad of layers ,information, and inspirations if the participant is willing to actively see versus passively look.

  I was trained primarily as a photographer with a minor in welding. Utilizing all of my resources I create mixed media photo based paintings.  My artworks are often architectural deriving inspiration from man’s inclination to build. Each subject is considered as alive. Every structure has a personality, history, and effect on its environment.

  My materials are carefully chosen. I seek out objects that lend themselves visually and conceptually to the subject I am dealing with. Metals, in general, have an unspoken vocabulary that is a useful tool for subtly transmitting information to the viewer. For instance; copper, by nature, conducts energy and therefore I use it symbolically for its lively aspects. On the other end of the spectrum there is the dead toxic dullness of lead, which can serve as a counterpoint. My vision has always been to evoke how a place feels. The interpretation of time, space, and subtle nuances associated with the experience.

  My palette is unlimited. I utilize my photography and materials that enhance the artwork aesthetically, symbolically,and conceptually. 

  I strive to engage the viewer in a visual dialogue that speaks from the alphabet of the collective unconscious The artwork conjures up a connection thus centering them: if only for a moment.

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